Living here in Northwest Louisiana, it should come as no surprise that the temperatures soar every summer. It's just hot around here.

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But, those who either work or play in the great outdoors, might feel a little faint when they see the predicted high temperatures headed our way, just like this time last year.

According to the long term forecast from The Weather Channel, beginning this weekend we will see a stretch of triple-digit highs each afternoon for the foreseeable future.

Thermometer Reading One Hundred Degrees On A Weathered Wall Of Wooden Shingles
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Okay, I get it. It's Louisiana. It's hot here. I've lived here my entire life. But, should their forecasts prove accurate, that stretch of 100 degree afternoons must be some kind of record, right?

Well, not so fast there, air conditioner lover!  Grab your sweat towel and check out just how high the temperatures have gotten here before with The 13 Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded in Shreveport

The 13 Hottest Temperatures Ever Recorded in Shreveport

While we routinely see summertime highs of just over 100 here in Shreveport, only once have we ever reached a high of 110. Check out the 13 highest temperatures ever recorded here in Shreveport.

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