As we brave another bitterly cold day across the Arklatex, I just want to say a big thanks to all the folks who have worked long hours to keep us safe during this winter storm.

To the hospital workers including the nurses, doctors and all the support people; we can't thank you enough. You are there if someone we love needs medical attention. You often leave your families for long stretches to give us the best medical care in the world.

To the DOTD and public works crews, I am simply amazed at the job you have done in keeping our roads safe and passable. In years past, we would have seen bridges over the Red River closed and dozens of other roads closed during a similar storm. You guys and gals did an incredible job and should be proud of what you do.

To all the grocery store workers and restaurant workers who were able to get in to your jobs while many stayed home, thanks. We needed supplies or food and you were there to take care of our needs.

And finally, to police and firefighters, I really don't have the words to express my gratitude. You take lots of grief when things go wrong, but we really don't take the time to say thanks when you do such a remarkable job. I've been watching the 911 calls over the past 2 days, and we have had relatively few big traffic messes. And when we did have problems, you handled it with such professionalism. Thank you just doesn't suffice.

I have watched this video several times and just smile when I see this officer enjoying himself while answering a call.


I also have to thank the folks at the National Weather Service. They have worked long hours to keep an eye on this winter storm. They were taking lots of grief on Monday when it was 65 degrees and they were saying it was going to snow and freeze on Tuesday morning.

This will be another long day for these folks and I pray they will get some rest once this winter storm is over.


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