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Texas Governor Greg Abbott says that the state of Texas had zero COVID deaths reported in their daily numbers for the first time since the start of the Pandemic. That report came on Sunday, May 16th.

This is an incredible dip for Texas, a state who had incredibly high numbers as the calendar turned to 2021. To start the year, Texas had almost 20,000 new cases on their daily average.

In Mid-January, Texas had an average of 19,100 daily COVID cases, and around 14,000 average daily hospitalizations. Those were some of the biggest numbers in the country.

However, in early March, Texas Governor Greg Abbott moved to lift COVID restrictions in his state, including the mask mandate. A move that President Joe Biden called "Neanderthal". But on that day, March 10th, Texas' numbers dropped to around 3,000 daily average cases, and 4,700 daily average hospitalizations.

But that "Neanderthal" thinking seemed to be ahead of many. Because since March 10th, the Texas numbers have continued to drop, fast.

By May 6th, Texas saw their daily average of COVID cases drop to 1,900, and their daily average of hospitalizations at 2,600.

Going back to the May 16th numbers, Texas hit a few more milestones according to Governor Abbott. The state also saw their lowest COVID case report in 13 months, their lowest 7-day positivity rate in the Pandemic, and their lowest COVID hospitalization number in 11 months.

A lot of this success has been placed on the COVID vaccine rollout. The Texas Department of State Health Services reported that as of May 13th, 40% of Texas residents are fully vaccinated.

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