UPDATE: More info is coming out on today's attacks. According to sources, The Eagles Of Death Metal made it out of the venue during the attacks. However, other chilling reports reveal the barbaric nature of what we're seeing. Here is a Tweet that reveals the nature of the attacks:


We will work to keep you updated tonight, and all weekend as more information comes out from Paris. World governments are beginning to react, and we'll keep you up to date with all of their reactions and information:

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Paris was rocked today as terrorist unleashed multiple coordinated attacks against the city.

One of the main attacks was the Bataclan Theater where the band Eagles of Death Metal were performing. Reports are varied on the number of hostages, anywhere from 50-100.

Social Media reports have stated that Eagles of Death Metal member Josh Homme did not make the Europe tour with the band. Homme is also the vocalist for Queens of the Stone Age.

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Government officials across the world have stated that these are coordinated attacks. Explosions could be heard on live sports broadcasts, and photos of the dead and wounded are already flooding social media sites.

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We will work to keep you up to date as more information is coming out


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