A teenager has been arrested in connection to the shooting death of a 3 year old child last week. 19 year old Jacorein Richardson was taken in to custody with the help of Bossier City Police.
The shooting took place last week on Plum Street in Minden. According to witnesses, someone drove by the residence and opened fire on the home. The 3 year old was struck by a bullet in the gunfire. Police say parents of the child rushed him to Minden Medical Center, but the boy did not survive.
The Minden Police Department, with the help of the Assistant District Attorney, and Bossier Police Department were able to work together to get probable cause to arrest Richardson.  The 19 year old was arrested by BCPD while in a car that matched the description of the one involved in the shooting. Upon searching the vehicle, police found a weapon matching the caliber of the bullets being investigated.
Richardson's bond is set at $750,000. The investigation is still ongoing.

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