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Hasbro Gives ‘Star Wars’ Monopoly Fans Their Rey Token
Hopefully this means the end of the disappointingly ubiquitous #WheresRey hashtag. After forgoing including Rey (the main character) in the cast of figurines Hasbro made for their new Star Wars Monopoly sets, the toy company finally gave in and made a Rey token – but only for certain countrie…
Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Unveils First Cast Photo
Although pre-production on Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s young Han Solo spinoff has been underway for some time now (operating under the clever codename “Red Cup”), today marks the full, official start of production. To celebrate, Lucasfilm has debuted the first photo of the cast…
‘Star Wars’ Names Jimmy Vee as the New R2-D2
It’s been a big week for Star Wars droid news. Yesterday we learned the Star Wars universe might get its first female droid in the Han Solo spinoff, a character who might be voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge of Fleabag. And today the new R2-D2 has been announced.
Read Mark Hamill’s Lovely Tribute to Carrie Fisher
We lost an incomparable actress, writer, icon, and amazing human being when Carrie Fisher passed away on December 27, 2016. No one is feeling that loss as deeply as those closest to her, and in the days since Fisher’s passing, we’ve had the privilege of reading and hearing some of thei…

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