According to the Edmonton Journal, Star Wars Day wasn't that fun in Canada.

This past Monday was May 4th, or as its referred to by Star Wars fans, May The Fourth (a play off "may the force be with you from the movie franchise). Over the last few years, its become known as Star Wars Day, and allows for fans across the globe to celebrate the legendary space opera.

For 2020, Star Wars Day was a limited for many, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But many tried to find ways to celebrate despite the health crisis. Disney even pitched in by putting the latest Star Wars film, Rise of Skywalker, on their streaming service early.

But in Canada, things got weird in one town in Alberta.

According to multiple reports, a teenage girl was promoting Star Wars Day for the cafe she worked at, when police arrived to confront her with guns drawn. The Edmonton Journal paints a picture of the situation...

"Apparently jealous of someone outperforming them in a representation of uniformed authoritarianism — with firearms including a shotgun pulled — Lethbridge police handcuffed, humiliated and even slightly injured a 19-year-old restaurant staff member dressed as an Imperial Stormtrooper, working in a parking lot for a May the Fourth, Star Wars day promotion."

The CaldronPool says the girl's name is Ashley, and she worked for a Star Wars themed restaurant called the Coco Vanilla Galactic Cantina. The owner of that restaurant spoke to CTV News, and said:

"Apparently a couple of people had called 911 and said that there was somebody with a gun on 13 Street N. A number of police officers had shown up to our business with guns drawn on our employee."

Not only did the officers aggressively move on the frightened girl with guns aimed at her, but they took her to the ground and bloodied her face.

Witnesses caught the ordeal on video, with the cameraman even approaching the situation to tell the police what EVERYONE watching can comprehend, that it's a plastic Star Wars toy and not a gun...

After being attacked, bloodied, and handcuffed, the girl does not face charges. But the Lethbridge Police Department are saying that the investigation is still on going, so she may eventually be charged.

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