murder for hire

Passaniti Pleads Not Guilty in Luttrell Murder Case
Linda Passaniti has entered a not guilty plea in Caddo District Court to charges of second-degree murder, conpiracy to commit second-degree murder and three counts of forgery. She's charged in connection with the July 2010 shooting death of Ernest Luttrell at his home on Greenwood-Springridge R…
Murder-for-Hire Plea
A 45-year-old Shreveport woman will be spending the rest of her life behind bars after pleading guilty in a murder-for-hire scheme.
Lorretta Luttrell’s Case Continued Until December
She was supposed to be in court today...but she wasn't. A news release from Caddo District Court states that 72-year-old Lorretta Moore Luttrell's case has been continued until December 13th, when she'll be in court for arguments and hearings on a first-degree murder charge...