movie filming

Weekend Movie Filming Traffic Issues
Some heavily-traveled roads will be tied up for movie filming today. from now until 8 tonight, the off-ramp of Arthur Ray Teague Parkway from the Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge heading east will be closed, as will one eastbound lane on the Shreveport-Barksdale Bridge...
Movie Filming to Close More Streets
You may find the southbound lanes of the Clyde Fant Parkway closed between Lake Street and Preston Avenue from now until six this evening and there will be interruptions to northbound traffic from time to time as well.
Movie Filming Traffic Issues Into the New Year
More movie filming for year's end...and into the new year, and that means some traffic tie-ups. Here's what's happening the rest of this week:
Tomorrow and Friday, expect traffic interruptions on Levy Street between Texas and Linwood Avenues...
Traffic Interruptions for Movie Filming
I posted the road closures and traffic interruptions through tomorrow (Dec. 20th) last week. Here's the list for the rest of the week:
Wednesday, December 21, - 7:00 AM to 12:00 noon
Interruptions of traffic on Texas Avenue between Linwood Avenue and Pierre Avenue
Wednesday, December 21, 11:00 AM to 11…
Movie Filming Closures/Interruptions
Here are some upcoming traffic interruptions and street closures due to movie filming early next week:
Monday, December 19, - 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Interruptions of traffic on Marshall Street between Gilbert Street and Wall Street
Tuesday, December 20, - 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Closure of Edwards Street between…