Joe Paterno

Storm Arising? Huge Penalties Expected for Penn State Soon
For a Sunday morning that is just beginning for many in State College, Pennsylvania many wish this day could already end!
Just a few moments ago, the process to remove Joe Paterno's statue from Penn State's football stadium has begun. Also announced, lingering penalties soon to be anno…
Statue of Late Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Ordered Down
The alumni, fans, and citizens of the Penn State Nittany Lions community have something new to stress, or rejoice over: the removal of Joe Paterno's statue.
This removal will no less, eliminate any ties or memories of the man many looked up to and worshiped for many years.
Joe Paterno Dead At 85
After CBS news reporting last eveing that Joe Paterno had died, a family spokesman came forward and said he had not died.  CBS news retracted its statement, but now its confirmed Paterno is dead.