Some nasty weather is bearing down on the Shreveport Bossier area.  The heaviest storms are expected tonight across our region. Forecasters say northwest Louisiana could see drenching rain as this storm system moves through. The heavier showers will start to show up after lunch time today.

The Weather Channel says some of these storms could bring the possibility of severe weather including hail and isolated tornadoes. The most likely time to see severe weather will be late in the day Friday and this storm system will hang around until about midnight. There is some good news with this system. Once it moves out late Friday, we should have a gorgeous weekend with lots of sunshine on Saturday and Sunday.

This storm system is expected to impact much of our region from Dallas to Houston to Alexandria and on to Jackson. We could see 1 to 2 inches of rain later today in the Shreveport Bossier metro area.

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