The call has gone out, for actors to star in a new version of West Side Story directed by Steven Spielberg. But just because Spielberg is moving forward with his remake of the classic musical doesn’t mean he’s given up on his long-developing plans to make a fifth Indiana Jones films. According to THR, Spielberg will make both movies, with Indy 5 shooting first, followed by West Side Story.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Spielberg plans to shoot what would be the fifth Indy installment in 2019 with a goal of having it released in 2020. That, however, is not stopping him from actively working on West Side Story, which started its casting search this week. The move, which prompted speculation that West Side could be his next movie, is expected to take some time since Spielberg is planning an extensive search to find the right actors.

This fits with Spielberg’s pattern of production. He likes to develop several projects all at once, and let the ones that show the most promise rise to the top of the pack; if something fails to come together to his liking, he moves on to something else. Indy 5 was officially announced back in March of 2016. If this news is right, then the screenplay is looking good and Spielberg is ready to move forward with it. If it’s not, we'll know if West Side Story jumps the line and winds up going into production first. I still think Indy 5 will wind up getting buried in some unmarked crypt for all mankind, but let’s see.

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