Steven Spielberg, prolific and legendary as he is, has had plenty of flops in his time, and he’s not afraid to let everyone know which of his many film children he likes the least. While making the new documentary Spielberg, documentarian Susan Lacy spent more than 30 hours interviewing her subject, and during some of those sessions he told her which of his Indiana Jones films he likes the least. No, it’s not that one.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom is Spielberg’s least favorite one in the series, Lacy told those gathered at the Television Critics Association’s summer meeting, per the New York Daily News. This isn’t really a shocker (unless you were expecting Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) — Temple of Doom is a little tonally weird, pretty racist, and doesn’t really fit in with the other films in the series.

Still, even if, like him, you don’t care for all of his movies, there’s plenty to admire about Spielberg. Lacy said as much during the TCA meeting.

Having a vision and sticking to it and not letting anybody get in the way of it is probably the best lesson you can learn from Steven Spielberg. The decision to make Schindler’s List, a 3 ½-hour black-and-white movie about the Holocaust, that didn’t come out of any kind of focus group. That was a belief that it was something he needed to do.

Spielberg premieres October 7 on HBO.

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