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This October kicks off the 117th year of the State Fair of Louisiana, and it will be a year of changes, says Interim State Fair General Manager and President Robb Brazzel.
“We’re listening to fair patrons,” says Brazzel, “and they’re telling us inflation is continuing to affect their family budgets.”
The State Fair, at its heart, is pure family entertainment,” says 2023 State Fair Board Chairman Liz Swaine.
“From the rodeo to the livestock shows to the games, food, and rides, this is where families come to play. It is where great memories are made, year after year. These changes will help ensure that.”

New Changes Include Free Parking

The State Fair will continue to host its popular ‘Free ‘til Three’ on weekdays, but has also made the decision to provide FREE parking for the entire run of the fair, on both weekdays and weekends.  In addition to FREE entry for children two years and under will be a new $8ticket for those children aged three-12, a $7 savings.  Prior to this, children aged three-12 were only allowed in with an adult ticket.
“These changes are more of our commitment to making this a family event,” says Brazzel.

Enhanced Security

The State Fair of Louisiana has already begun talks with the Shreveport Police Department regarding enhanced security procedures at the 2023 State Fair.  Everyone entering the Fair should expect to be checked and go through metal detection. There will also be visible uniformed and plain clothed security and law enforcement on site. The State Fair will be spending upwards of $200,000 during the run of the fair to ensure that it is doing all it can to make the event a wholesome, family-friendly, and safe outing.


State Fair of Louisiana
State Fair of Louisiana

 New State Fair Hours

The 2023 hours of operation for the Fair will also be changing. The new hours will be noon-9 pm on weekdays, and 10 am-10 pm on weekends. It is also important to note the role that the State of Louisiana is playing in the 2023 State Fair of Louisiana.  After a series of challenging years, the State Fair of Louisiana asked for the State’s assistance via State Representative Sam Jenkins. The District 2 Representative, whose district includes the State Fairgrounds, made a $600,000 State Appropriations request for the 2023 State Fair. Rep. Jenkins reached out to both the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the Speaker of the House and asked that the Appropriation be approved.  Rep. Jenkins shepherded the request from the Appropriations Committee to the floor of the House, to the Senate Finance Committee to the Senate floor where it made it into the state budget bill signed by the Governor.

“This is our State Fair,” Rep. Jenkins said. “It’s a privilege to host it in northwest Louisiana. It provides quality of life, jobs, and economic impact. Events like these need to be saved and maintained so that they will be here for future generations.  South Louisiana has so many events, but we are known as the home of the State Fair of Louisiana, and I was happy to play a role in keeping it viable.”


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