Spanking in schools is legal in 19 states. Louisiana is one of those states.
But state lawmakers did approve a ban on corporal punishment, unless a parent signs a document saying it is ok.

In Missouri, one school district is bringing spanking back. The Cassville district has ok'd an opt-in policy for this school year. If a parent signs the permission, corporal punishment can be used "only in reasonable form" and when "all other alternative means of discipline have failed."

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Oil City Representative Danny McCormick fought to keep spanking in our schools. He says this is a parents rights issue. And the new Louisiana law will leave it up to the parents. But many school districts have banned corporal punishment altogether.

McCormick says it should be up to the local school boards and ultimately up to the parents. He adds: "I think it's the government trying to be everyone's mother and father and that's what's wrong with this country. We look to government to try to solve every problem."

Is Corporal Punishment Allowed in Local Schools?

Corporal punishment is no longer allowed in Caddo Parish Schools. The school board voted to ban spanking in all Caddo schools back in February 2021. Prior to this ban, only administrators could enforce it - not teachers. Bossier Parish does not encourage spanking in schools.

Louisiana is one of 19 states that still allows corporal punishment. But it can be banned by Parish School Boards.

What Does the New Law Say?

"The use of any form of corporal punishment is prohibited in any
public school unless the student's parent or legal guardian provides written consent."

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