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The anticipation will have to keep building.

Many people around the state were excited about today's press conference with Governor John Bel Edwards, as they anticipate an announcement on the state's reopening phases. With the Governor's current Phase 2 order ending this week, and a lot of optimism recently being shared by Governor Edwards, its easy to see why there would be some excitement.

But all of that will have to wait.

Sources inside the Governor's Office have told us that a decision on a move to Phase 3 will not be announced during this afternoon's press conference. However, there will be a press conference held for an update on the Hurricane Laura response, which means there will likely be COVID questions asked.

But even if those questions are asked, the Governor is likely to deflect. There may be a press conference in the near future to directly address the Phase 3 decision, but it won't be today.

We may not have to wait long, as indications are the Governor might make the announcement as early as tomorrow. Whether its tomorrow or not, time is running out for the Governor though. With his Phase 2 extension set to expire Friday, he will need time to construct and sign a proclamation for either Phase 3, or a Phase 2 extension.

Whatever the Governor decides to do, we know the state will remain under some form of restrictions, with a mask mandate likely being a part of it.


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