Hang on just a second! It's not what you're thinking. These pets that have been separated from their owners because of the recent flood have done nothing wrong. In fact this is a coordinated effort by the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry.

Even though the heavy rains of the historic flood have stopped not all of the water has subsided. That means there are thousands of Louisiana residents living in shelters. The problem with the shelter is most of them do not accept pets. That is where this plan comes into action.

For pet owners living in shelters their animals are being placed in the Dixon Correction Center where they will be cared for by a prison trustee. These individuals will care for the animals during the time the actual owners are being sheltered.

Arrangements have been made to allow pet owners access to see their furry friends. A shuttle bus will carry pet owners to the facility for a little face and belly rubbing time everyday.

In a statement released by Ag Secretary Dr. Mike Strain he addressed the situation.

Although there are many factors that went into this decision, the health and welfare of these pets is of great importance. Also, in the event there is another storm or weather event, we believe this will be a better location for the safety of these animals in a long term situation.

Strain said that the mobile pet shelter that was built following Hurricane Katrina was not meant as a permanent solution to housing displaced pets. In his comments to NOLA.com he suggested that having a centralized location for sheltered pet owners was more feasible and practical.

If you are a pet lover and would like to help out animal charities who are providing comfort for hundreds of animals because of the flood. Here is a link to several organizations that are offering aid. If we did not include a shelter or group that is helping in your particular hometown please send us a message and let us know so we can include that information.

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