With Halloween tomorrow, Shreveport and Bossier police want everyone to make it a fun and safe night for everyone. Here are some simple precautions they suggest to ensure  your children are safe and the scariest things you'll see are their great costumes. 

Shreveport Bossier Halloween Tips


  • Adults
    should ALWAYS accompany young children.
  • Parents need to inspect all candy before letting their children eat
    it. Avoid candy that's not fully wrapped in the original packaging.
  • Ensure all costumes are flame-retardant, allow the child to move easily
    without tripping, and don't obscure visibility. Make sure kids have flashlights,
    reflective tape or light-colored clothing so they can be easily seen
    at night.
  • Ensure that accessories with costumes are made of soft, flexible materials.
  • Set a time limit for trick-or-treating. Know the routes you and your
    children will take and don't allow them to take shortcuts through backyards,
    alleys or fields.
  • Remind kids to NEVER enter strange houses or cars.
  • Residents expecting trick-or-treaters need to keep exterior lights
    on during Halloween night. Remove objects from the yard that might pose
    a hazard to the little ones.
  • Motorists are cautioned to drive slowly and watch for trick-or-treaters
    crossing area roadways, especially in residential areas.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity to law enforcement. Program
    the non-emergency number for your local police department in your phone.

Background image by kw bridge, Flickr

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