Hundreds of folks showed up at the bus station across from the Shreveport Police department to protest actions of the police in the George Floyd killing and other cases of alleged police brutality.

The crowd grew by large numbers as they marched down Texas Street to the Courthouse in the center of downtown Shreveport.

One organizer told the crowd gathered at told the crowd

We are not here for Black Lives Matter. We're here because Black Lives Matter. Every single day people feel they can be killed because police believe they are above the law. But not no more.

Another organizer thanked the crowd for showing up and said: "We will not be silent and you will not scare us." The crowd repeatedly shouted "no justice, no peace, no racist police."

Another woman told the crowd "Louisiana is an open carry state and I want you to look into the laws about open carry. Protect yourself and don't let them tell you you can't. Know your laws and know your rights."

Mayor Perkins did post this message prior to the protest:

The City of Shreveport and SPD respects the First Amendment rights of all citizens to peaceably assemble and seek meaningful change. We will do all that we can to help facilitate safe demonstrations. We also ask that everyone do their part, encouraging fellow participants to be safe and peaceful.

At one moment during the protester, a police officer hugged a protester who had climbed up onto the Confederate Monument in front of the courthouse and that protester began crying. It was an emotional moment during this peaceful event.

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