Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler highlights some of the accomplishments made in the city during her first year in office.

Mayor Tyler said one of those was the implementation of a higher minimum wage for city employees.

"All city employees shall make no less than $10 per hour," Tyler said. "The program did elevate the salary of more than 400 hundred of our hardest-working, but lowest-paid, members. Some of those employees were making as little as $8.66 per hour."

Tyler said at the end of her first year, 50 street projects have begun, 38 of which have been completed. Twelve of those began during 2015, and all at a cost of more than $27.7-million. She said Louisiana DOTD provided the city with $12.7-million for those projects. The remaining road improvement projects are on track for completion this year.

A few other highlights:

  • Water and sewage repairs are ahead of schedule.
  • Great progress on SPAR projects.
  • City Attorney's Office has been reorganized.
  • 'Don't Be Trashy, Keep It Classy' litter abatement campain has been successful.
  • Shreveport Police Department will be getting 90 new vehicles to replace the aging fleet. We should be seeing these driving around town this summer.

Mayor Tyler said the accomplishment she's most proud of is the team she's put together.

"If you don't have those people that you surround yourself with who share the vision, who have the work ethic, who are real serious, who have integrity...those people who have servant hearts, and who exemplify servant leadership, you cannot do what we've done," Tyler said. "These people really speak to, I think, the best of the best, and I'm so proud of each of them."

The consent decree work with sewage and drainage, and other infrastructure improvements, are what she considers the biggest challenges going forward.

CLICK HERE to view the mayor's complete first-year progress report.