A Shreveport man accused of shooting several people after a domestic disturbance and damaging several cars and apartments in early 2018, was sentenced to almost 30 years in prison.
Wynston Von-Hendrick Scott, 28, was sentenced to 13 years on each guilty-as-charged aggravated criminal property damage verdict returned against him on May 25. The terms are to be served consecutively. Scott will be in prison 26 years.
The Caddo DA gave a summary of the crimes committed that landed the sentencing:
"Scott, separated from his wife and without her permission, removed their daughter from school January 30, 2018. He refused to return the girl to her mother, and instead attempted to negotiate a meeting with the mother in a non-public place. When Scott arranged by text message to meet with her at a public restaurant to exchange the child, he waited outside their apartment with his cousin. They then discharged weapons on his estranged wife, Lauren Haynes, and her friends Anthony Wilson, Elijah Bridges and his own year-old child. Bullets he and his cousin fired struck Bridges five times, inflicting non-life-threatening injuries, and bullets grazed Anthony Wilson four times. Shots Scott fired damaged the cars and apartments of Lauren Haynes and Waldo Santiago, a retired military veteran who was present at his apartment and heard the shooting. Wilson, Bridges and Haynes all identified Scott as the gunman."
The five-man, seven-woman jury hung on the most severe charge, attempted second-degree murder, lodged against Scott. Given the length of time Scott must be imprisoned, the Caddo District Attorney's office still is evaluating the need for a retrial.

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