Shreveport Police Sex Crimes investigators have jailed a man following allegations of sexually assaulting two children under that age of ten. Vitrick Johnson-Frazier has had multiple arrests for violent crimes in the past.

On May 25, 2020, Shreveport Police received reports of a sexual assault in west Shreveport. Detectives immediately launched an investigation and learned that 30-year-old Victrick Johnson-Frazier allegedly raped two children in separate incidents. The crimes took place between December of 2018 and May of 2020.

 Frazier has prior arrest for Robbery, Theft, Domestic Abuse Battery, Resisting an Officer, and Purse Snatching. A long-time violent criminal has added the most sickening of crimes to his sheet. The most unfortunate issue, being that more victims are coming forward saying that this man raped or sexually assaulted them. With a conviction, this man could finally see some serious time in prison. Shreveport Police are encouraging anyone who was a victim of this person, to contact them immediately. The contact info can be seen below.

 Following a months long inquiry detectives arrested Frazier charging him with two counts of First Degree Rape. Frazier was booked into the Shreveport City Jail following interviews with investigators. Detectives have located an additional victim and that investigation in underway. Detectives also believe that there may be more victims and encourage anyone with any knowledge information to come forward. Sex Crimes Detectives can be contacted by calling 318-673-6955 or 318-673-7300.

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