Returning items to Amazon just became a little more convenient.

I'll admit it, I haven't ordered many things off of Amazon. I am old school in that I like to go into a store to try thing on, consult with an expert, and ultimately walk out the door with the product. That's still the definition of convenience and buyer security. However, with Amazon adding a little more convenience to the return process, I may be more inclined to shop online.

Amazon began working with select Kohl's locations across the nation to accept returns a few years ago. Now, you can return your Amazon orders at any Kohl's location across the nation. That includes the Youree Drive location in Shreveport.

And it's pretty easy to do, in just five steps:

1. Simply begin your return process online with Amazon's Return Center. 2. Select the "Kohl's Dropoff" option
3. Wait for Amazon to email you a QR code
4. Take your item to Kohl's and present your QR code
5. Kohl's will pack, label and ship your return for free

Just keep in mind that not all Amazon products are eligible for return.

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