The City of Shreveport is fairly easy to navigate, but there are many projects that tie up some roadways, sometimes for months at a time, that might make your commute a little inconvenient. Luckily, The Shreveport Engineer's Office puts out a weekly list of streets that you might want to avoid.

Here is the list for the week of 10/23/16:


Water/Sewer/Drainage Improvements:
W. 70th Street at Mansfield Rd.
Lynbrook Blvd from Linwood Drive to St. Vincent Avenue
Atlantic Ave – drainage repair

Street Improvements (Asphalt Overlays):
Cadillac Dr. from N. Market to dead-end
Suntan St. from 70th St. to concrete
Midway St. from St. Vincent Ave. to Florence St.
Levy St. from Texas St. to Linwood Ave.
Portland Ave. from Kings Hwy to W. College St.
Westport Dr. from Klug Pines Rd. to Pines Rd.
Mount Zion Rd. from Linwood Ave. to St. Vincent Ave.
Shirley Francis Rd. from Woolworth Rd. to city limits
Meriwether Rd. from W. 70th St. to Mansfield Rd.
Pines Rd. from S. Lakeshore Dr. to Jefferson Paige Rd.

Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspection:
Bert Kouns to Flournoy Lucas Rd. and Kingston Rd. to Crooked Creek
Mackey Ln. to Hoyte and Walker Rd. to Mansfield Rd.
Bert Kouns to Francais St. and Blom to Kingston Rd.
Bert Kouns to Baird Rd. and Mansfield Rd. to Cinnamon Dr.
Crestwood to Hoyte and Mansfield Rd. to Hawthorne


All Depts.:
1000 Ratcliff St. between Fairfield Ave. & Mall St. Vincent
3000 Block of Valley View Drive @ Louise Street
Intersection of Brantway St. and Gregory St.
Intersection of Brantway St. and Suntan St.
Hulcee Street