The City of Shreveport is fairly easy to navigate, but there are many projects that tie up some roadways, sometimes for months at a time, that might make your commute a little inconvenient. Luckily, The Shreveport Engineer's Office puts out a weekly list of streets that you might want to avoid.

Click the link below to get a detailed list for the week of 5/8/17:

Water/Sewer/Drainage Improvements:
Joe Louis & Evers Street (CD Proj. 114)
7000 – 8000 Block of Fern Ave. (Broadmoor Outfall Project)
Linwood Ave., from W. 80th to Harrison St. (CD Proj. 101)
Linwood Ave., from W. 73rd to W.72nd Street (CD Proj. 101)
W. 72nd, from Linwood Ave. to Dowdell St. (CD Proj. 101)
Henderson Ave., from E. 75th to E. 74th Street (CD Proj. 124)
E. 78th Street, from Southern Ave. to Henderson Ave. (CD Proj. 124)
Broadway Ave., from Robin Hood to Powell St. (CD Proj. 116)
Roberts St., from Hollywood to Mayfield Rd. (CD Proj. 116)
Robin Hood Ln., from Roberts St. to Broadway Ave. (CD Proj. 116)
Powell St., from Roberts St. to Broadway Ave. (CD Proj. 116)
Mayfield Street @ Roberts St. (CD Proj. 116)
Crosby St. @ Roberts St. (CD Proj. 116)
Miles St., from Roberts St. to Kennedy St. (CD Proj. 116)
Kennedy Dr., from Hollywood to Miles (CD Proj. 116)
Alton St., From Walter to Henry St. (CD Proj. 117)
Curtis Ln., from Thurgood to Henry St. (CD Proj. 117)
Henry St., from Curtis to Alton St. (CD Proj. 117)
Walter St., Curtis to Alton St. (CD Proj. 117)
Haywood Plc., from Alton St. to Cul-de-sac (CD Proj. 117)
Deen St. @ Curtis Ln. (CD Proj. 117)
Worth Circle, from Alton to Curtis Ln. (CD Proj. 117)
Waters Plc., from Bethune to Kitt St. (CD Proj. 117)
Monkhouse Dr., from Lyba St. to Greenwood Rd. (CD Proj. 118)
Prentiss Ave. @ Hollywood (CD Proj. 141)
Hollywood Ave. from W. Canal Blvd. to Fairy Street (CD Proj. 141)
Union St., from W. 74th to W. 75th (CD Proj. 115)
Hollywood Ave. from Union Ave. to Ledbetter St. (CD Proj. 103)
Valley View Dr. (CD Proj. 103)
Valley View Dr. @ W. Canal Blvd. (CD Proj. 104/119/142)
Woodfield Dr. Harrison to Melrose (CD Proj. 104/119/142)
Overton Brooks Dr., Wallace Lake Rd. to Ballantrae Cir. (Wallace Force Main Replacement)

Street Improvements:
Southridge Dr. from Newcastle Blvd. to Chadwick Dr.
Chadwick Dr. from Trevor Dr. to Cromwell Dr.
Lytham Dr. from Newcastle to Tyne Dr.
Jewella from Mansfield Rd to Hollywood Ave.
Ashbourne Dr. - from Albemarle Dr. to Spring Lake Dr.
Village Green Dr. – from S. Dresden Circle to Sophia Lane
Akard Ave., from Ockley Dr. to Pierremont Rd.
Washington St. from Anderson Ave. to Oak St.
Fairfield Ave. from Pierremont Rd. to Southern Ave.
Ockley Dr. from Line Ave. to Gilbert Ave.
Highland Ave. from Jordan St. to Ockley Dr.
Gilbert Ave. from Stoner Ave. to Gregg Ave.
Murphy St., Texas St. to I-49

Sewer CCTV Cleaning & Inspection:
Kingston Rd., south of Williamson Way
E. Ridge Rd. and Berkshire Area
Area of Pennsylvania Ave. to E. 70th and Creswell to Youree Dr. (Smoke Testing)

Missouri Ave. from Spruce St. to Milton St.
Trammel St., South of Valley View (CD Proj. 102)
W. 82nd St., from Linwood Ave. to Cleveland St. (CD Proj. 102)
W. 70th @ W. Canal St. (CD Proj. 104/119/142)
W. 75th from Pine Tree to Wallace Dr. (CD Proj. 115)
Woodfield & Wyngate (CD Proj. 115)
Fairy Ave. @ Hollywood Ave. (CD Proj. 141)

[7:30-10am] – Clyde Fant Parkway (N. bound), from Stoner Ave. to Milam St. – Dean Williams Run
[8-11am] – Area of Broadmoor United Methodist Church (Albany Ave.), between Anniston and Youree Dr.. – Nacho Mama’s 5K
[3-5pm] – E. Dalzell, area between Southern Ave. & Line Ave. – Lager Jogger (Great Raft Brewery)

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