Shreveport police are investigating a hit and run today in which a vehicle slammed into a utility pole that fell onto the roadway, knocking out power in the area.

hit and run

The collision happened during this morning's rush on Jewella Avenue near Pleasant Drive. The pole was cracked in half and wires were dangling down, resting partially on the street and  in the parking lot of a store on Jewella.

SWEPCO had utility trucks on the scene shortly after the pole was struck to repair the damage and get power restored to customers who were left in the dark. Police were trying to determine who hit and pole and why. It appeared that the wires caught fire after the pole was snapped as they were charred.

Earlier, the Caddo emergency 9-1-1 website showed a call regarding a fire at that location, and then that later was updated to show that a hit and run had occurred at that same spot.

construction woes

Another road hazard this morning involved miles of paving along Youree Drive. There was a report of an accident at Bert Kouns Industrial Loop and Youree Drive at the site  of  road construction.
I followed the paving project all the way down Youree in the KEEL news and traffic van for miles from just before Bert Kouns, crossing Millicent, Pomeroy, Stratmore and East Flournoy Lucas.
Motorists should be advised that the project will likely continue for the next few weeks at least.


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