An unlikely politico has stepped up to support Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins in his bid to stay on the November ballot for re-election. Republican City Councilman John Nickelson has issued a statement in support of keeping Perkins in the election.

Perkins was disqualified for not properly filling out the forms when he qualified to run. He list his mother’s address on the form rather than his downtown Shreveport condo where he takes a homestead exemption.

Perkins appealed that disqualification to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal, but that panel ruled against him. Now the case will be heard on Tuesday by the State Supreme Court.

Nickelson issued this statement:

If the State Supreme Court affirms the judgment, the voters of the 3rd largest city in our state will be deprived of the right to decide if their incumbent mayor returns for a second term. That would be a deeply regrettable result and a harsh consequence borne by the electorate for the Mayor’s inadvertent misstatement concerning his voter registration precinct. Voters should decide who leads our city for the next four years, not a paperwork error.

The Perkins case will go before all 7 Justices of the State Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon at 2pm Lawyers for each side will have 30 minutes to present arguments. No testimony from Perkins or any other parties will be a part of this proceeding. This hearing will be held via Zoom and the public and log in and watch.

Click here to view the livestream of this proceeding.

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