While he's under investigation, Shreveport City Court Judge Lee Irvin will be suspended indefinitely.

Irvin became the focus of investigators after it was discovered that the judge was involved in a romantic relationship with a young woman who had criminal cases pending in his court. The relationship was discovered in November of 2019 when Irvin's ex-girlfriend shot herself at Irvin's residence, when she found the judge in bed with the other woman.

KTBS reports that Irvin is being investigated by The Judiciary Commission and Shreveport Police:

"An order filed Wednesday by the Louisiana Supreme Court said the suspension is agreed upon by Irvin and the state Judiciary Commission, which investigates alleged misconduct by judges. Irvin is “disqualified from exercising any judicial function during the pendency of further proceedings,” the order said.

The Judiciary Commission is investigating Irvin’s actions and Shreveport police are conducting a public-integrity investigation."

Neither the judge or his lawyer have commented on the suspension.

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