Shreveport's Great Raft Brewing has made the list of America's 'Top 50 Underrated Craft Breweries', that according to entertainment and culture magazine Paste Monthly.

In listing the top craft breweries from each state, Paste says about Great Raft:

"Founded in 2013, Shreveport’s Great Raft might be a relatively new kid on the block, but you wouldn’t know it from tasting its beers. The brewery puts out consistently amazing stuff, ranging from its popular At Arm’s Length India Pale Lager to one-off special releases just for visitors to its taproom. They caught our eye immediately via blind tastings with beers such as the exceptionally well-balanced DIPA, Grace and Grit, redefining our idea of Louisiana breweries."

And how do the experts at Paste define "underrated"?

"...we’re talking about breweries that are largely known commodities, but ones that perhaps don’t get the respect they deserve from the beer geek segment. Some of these breweries may be smaller and relatively unknown on a national scale, that simply don’t get credit for their consistency and rock-solid lineups of year-round beers."

The reputation of Shreveport's Great Raft continues to grow and is considered to be among the best craft breweries nationwide. Next time you're out, give it a try. The experts say you won't be disappointed.

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