Some area parents kept their kids out of school today to protest Common Core.

State Representative Jeff Thompson went to visit the protesters in Benton to help answer some questions and address concerns from the protesters.

"As it was explained to me by those protesters, they had some concerns about a lack of information, or wrong information, about what Common Core meant and what it would look like locally," Thompson told KEEL News.

Turnout was relatively light in Benton, but Thompson says it doesn't matter what turnout to anything is, if one person has a concern, he wants to hear about it.

"There was probably 8 to 10 parents and maybe 15 kids that were there," Thompson guesstimated.

Would he pull his kids from school one day in protest?

"I'm not sure that's the best way to educate our children, but if that's the way people choose to make a point and express their frustration, then I guess you'd have to leave that to each parent and each school system to deal with that," responded Thompson.

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