State Rep. Barbara Norton and Caddo Commissioner Ken Epperson announced support for the Supreme Court's ruling upholding Obamacare in Shreveport today. Norton and Epperson held a joint news conference with six other democratic leaders vowing to stand by the President's mandated health care program.

KEEL News asked Rep. Norton how the state would pay to insure all citizens of Louisiana.
"The consensus is not to deal with it. Certainly at this particular time, no one is looking for funding or where the funds are going to come from in order to pay for this, but in the event that our governor goes back and revisits this and says that he will 'opt in,' I promise you I'll be right there at the table to see where those dollars are coming from."
Epperson named a number of other democrats who have thrown their support behind mandated health care. Lyndon B. Johnson, Michael Williams, Stephanie Lynch and Lyndora Baker oppose Jindal's refusal to buy into the plan, he said, but they were not present. However, six other local democrats did attend today's news conference.

Citizens from Natchitoches, Shreveport and surrounding area were present to hear what the elected officials had to say since Gov. Bobby Jindal refused to change the state's decision to opt out of the 'Affordable Health Care' plan.
"It's not about the governor, nor is it about me, nor is it about any of the elected officials up here. It is about the people, and if it is about the people we elected to serve and let's serve the people. Let's make sure that we're not taking something away from them that's good for them."