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This is one of those stories you probably don't think about unless you have a baby or baby grandchild, but this has actually become a serious issue.  We are now facing a crisis with a shortage of baby formula. Target, CVS, Walgreens and other national retailers are limiting the amount of cans of formula purchased at one time, to prevent people from hoarding formula, making the problem even worse.  And because formula has become such a target for shoplifters, some stores have now placed it behind locked glass.  Congress is expected to hold a hearing on the baby formula shortage on May 25th.  There are calls for the FDA to take action.

Long Favored By Shoplifters, Baby Formula Goes Under Lock And Key
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For a multitude of reasons, many young mothers are unable to breast-feed.  And if you're unable to find formula, you might be tempted to try to find alternatives, warm milk, diluted baby food, or even making your own homemade formula.  But according to several doctors and public health officials, this is not a good idea.

KEEL News reached out to Dr. Martha Whyte, Region 7 Director of the Louisiana Office of Public Health. She tells KEEL News she does not recommend parents use a homemade baby formula recipe.  And according to the FDA, pediatricians are urged to remind parents not to feed their babies homemade formula.  Baby formula sold in stores is heavily regulated by the FDA, requiring strict standards for nutrition.  Formula is also targeted for different age ranges, as the baby's nutritional needs change.

The bottom line is, although it might be tempting to 'solve the problem' yourself, according to public health officials it is not a good idea, and is highly discouraged.

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