Nature is fascinating to me. How many of you woke up this morning thinking the next couple of days, Wednesday and Thursday, my life is going to be affected by something that is centered in Nebraska or Iowa?

I am guessing most of us did not think of something in Great Plains would be changing our day but chances are on Wednesday and Thursday when you're reaching for an umbrella or trying not to step into a sidewalk puddle you will have been affected.

The entity in the Great Plains is a rather broad low pressure system. This system's counter clockwise rotation will pull an abundance of moisture into the Gulf South. That means the chances of rain will be significant for much of the state over the next two days.

Forecasters believe the greatest rainfall potential will take place in the Southeastern portion of our state. Basically from Baton Rouge to the east could see two to four inches of rain.

There is also a chance that severe thunderstorms with gusty winds, frequent lightning, and even small hail could affect the state both Wednesday and Thursday. The Storm Prediction Center has given basically the entire state at least a slight chance of severe weather over the next two days.

For the Shreveport area the greatest threat of rain and storms will take place during the day Wednesday and Wednesday night. By Thursday conditions should start to improve with rain ending and calmer weather moving into the region Friday.

For Lake Charles and Lafayette rain chances will begin building into the area on Wednesday during the day. The better chances of rain will take place Wednesday night and during the day on Thursday. Showers should eventually begin to taper off by Thursday night.