The NFL preseason gets underway Thursday, August 9. Are you watching?

We've reached that time of year in which the countdown to football has dropped from months to weeks. College and high school football kick off in just a few weeks. The NFL regular season is on a similar schedule. However, the NFL preseason begins tonight (Thursday, August 9) as the Dallas Cowboys travel to take on the San Francisco 49ers.

Will you be watching?

As a lover of football, I will be. Of course, the game doesn't start until 9 p.m. Center Time so, truth be told, I'll probably be passed out in bed by halftime. Regardless, I'm still going to watch. I know I'm not alone in that decision, but I also know there are others who don't believe in preseason football.

See, preseason NFL football doesn't include the team starters. This is a huge turnoff for some fans. I see it as an opportunity to watch some of the guys who won't get field time during the regular season. These could include rookies from my Alma mater. In addition, I would much rather watch preseason football now than wait a few weeks for the regular season.

Football is football, to me.

How do you feel? Will you be watching any of the preseason games? What about the games that your team is playing in? Take our poll below:

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