Do you feel that? Autumn is coming! Okay so maybe there isn't a nice crisp chill

throughout the Ark-La-Tex. However, you can't deny that all the feels of fall are upon us.

First, it was the pumpkin spice lattes that took over the Ark-La-Tex, then it was the pumpkin-flavored everything. It wasn't long until Ellis Home and Garden busted out the pumpkins on Benton Road in Bossier. Autumn is just around the corner.

If you weren't convinced of autumn, maybe the Harvest Moon might convince you.

According to NASA, the 2021 Harvest Moon will reach peak illumination tonight, Monday, September 20th at 7:55 p.m. according to NASA. The good news is if you are tied up tonight and the Ark-La-Tex weather doesn't work with us the moon will appear full well into Wednesday night.

Why is it called the Harvest Moon?

Simply put it's the full moon right before the autumn equinox. If you're thinking it's off that the Harvest Moon hits during the summer, about half the time the Harvest Moon happens in the summer according to The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Will you get a good view of the Harvest Moon tonight?

According to, it's showing clear skies and a high of 84 degrees at 8:00 p.m. So why not hang out in the backyard tonight and take in the Harvest Moon? You may need a cold one and a fan to soften the blow of the heat. However, I am sure the view of the Harvest Moon will make up for it.


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