The Senate Education Committee passed one bill and killed another being proposed by Shreveport Senator John Milkovich. One of the measures would make changes to the teachers bill of rights. It would have given teachers the authority to intervene in physical disputes between students. That measure was defeated in the committee.

Milkovich also supports a bill by Baton Rouge Senator Regina Barrow that mandates schools to hang the words "In God We Trust" in all public schools across the state. We asked the Senator about the liklihood that a federal judge will strike down this measure.

The other measure that passed gives teachers the right to pray in school along with students. This is just voluntary and does not require the teachers to take part. The bill passed out of the committee and is now headed to the Senate floor.

The Barrow bill also calls for instruction on exactly what “In God We Trust” means, but no details about that has been outlined in the bill. The measure is also headed to the Senate floor for full debate.

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