Political analyst Scott Hughes takes a look at last night's Presidential debate, whether the candidates achieved their objectives and what effect it might have on undecided voters.

Hughes first talks about the near unanimous reaction to the evening. ""It was something I'd never seen and the fact that I'm back talking to you...cannot be a good sign."

And what about claims by many that Trump was, this time, at his bullying worst? "The Hillary and Trump debates (four years ago) were different, but they still had a certain level of decorum. But this was a three ring circus. Chris Wallace lost complete control. I think Trump's strategy was to come out and cause complete chaos, which he did. An Joe Biden, who's not necessarily a strong debater at all gave a very weak performance in many regards, but still might have been the winner in the grand scheme of things."

"I think if you look at the night, Vice President Biden called the President a clown, he called him a liar, Putin's puppet. The line of the night was, 'Shut up, man.' That seemed to be the takeaway. And yet, with all those things, he probably came away as the person on the stage with more decorum."

"Some people like the theater of this and maybe that's where we are in America today, but there are many to want to harken back and say there is a role, an imagery of a US President that goes beyond reality TV."


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