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The days of the three R's (Reading, 'Riting, and 'Rithmatic) have given way to STEM. That's Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. And now our own Sci-Port will play a big role in that for Louisiana.

Sci-Port Discovery Center has been awarded one of the nine regional STEM centers by the Louisiana Board of Regents as part of the LaSTEM Regional STEM Network.

To understand just how big of an honor this is, you really need to understand what LaSTEM is and what they're trying to accomplish. According to their website,

The Louisiana ScienceTechnologyEngineering, and Mathematics Advisory Council (LaSTEM) under the auspices of the Board of Regents is tasked to coordinate and oversee the creation, delivery, and promotion of STEM education programs, to increase student interest and achievement in the fields of STEM, to ensure the alignment of education, economic development, industry, and workforce needs, and to increase the number of women who graduate from a postsecondary institution with a STEM degree or credential.

In an effort to promote the efforts of LaSTEM, the Louisiana Regional STEM Network is creating a statewide system of STEM leadership entities strategically positioned across Louisiana to promote STEM education, awareness, and opportunities to meet workforce demands and future needs, and now Sci-Port will house Region 7 of that effort.

Region 7 will encompass ten parishes in Northwest Louisiana: Caddo, Bossier, Webster, Claiborne, Lincoln, Bienville, Red River, DeSoto, Sabine, and Natchitoches.

“In order to compete on a global scale, our residents need access to STEM education and resources. It is imperative for everyone to have digital access and be familiar with technology. STEM is in our everyday world whether we realize it or not” states Dr. Heather Kleiner, Sci-Port Discovery Center’s Sponsored Programs Manager.

“Students equipped with STEM knowledge and skills help provide a workforce prepared to meet the challenges of the future,” states Dianne Clark, Executive Director of Sci-Port Discovery Center.

As we all know, the success of this venture will be directly related to its leadership and this venture is looking for a director to insure that success.

Although the new Louisiana Regional STEM Director will be headquartered at Sci-Port, the director will work in conjunction with Sci-Port Discovery Center, the North Louisiana STEM Alliance, and numerous other businesses and organizations to help develop STEM advocacy for Region 7 and throughout the state of Louisiana.

Applications for the Regional STEM Director position are available online at with the desire to be filled by February 5, 2021.

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