Dr. Lamar Goree, Caddo Parish Superintendent of Schools, talks about the options for reopening schools in August and when decisions will be made. Goree says the Caddo system is considering three options and the final decisions will be a cooperative effort between educators and parents.

"There is no such thing as normal traditional school," Goree says, "Whatever we do, until we have a vaccine, will involve some element of caution and we have to build our schedules around that."

Goree adds that as of now, "no decision has been made as to what the schedule will look like," but he hopes a tentative plan can be ready around the second week of July.

"The Governor and his task force are looking at those things that have to be in place if we are to...safely reopen our schools. Based on those standards...we've built three different models with the intent of making it simple. Based on those standards and the Governor's commission, we'll determine which schedule we will follow."

Here's a summary of Goree and the school board's three basic plans:

Traditional plan: Students would report to school on August 10th with the district allowing for face-to-face instruction as well as an all-virtual model for students whose families do not feel comfortable with students returning to campuses. In this model, elementary students will remain in static groups, and middle and high school students may be allowed to change classes while maintaining social distancing. Students deemed medically fragile or high risk will be provided virtual instruction.

Virtual Model: The district will implement a new learning management system to better support students and teachers. Instruction through this system will be provided using a dual model of live virtual education as well as on-demand lessons. Teachers will receive coaching and feedback on the quality of resources and instructional delivery.

Hybrid plan: Schools would use an “A/B” schedule. Students would attend classes virtually on Mondays. Tuesdays and Thursdays would be an "A" day with Wednesday and Fridays as "B" days. Students would be grouped by alphabet to determine which group would report to campus on which days. The students not on campus would attend virtually.

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