On Monday morning's show with 101.7 / 710 KEEL's Robert J Wright and Erin McCarty, KEEL afternoon host Greg Atoms theorized that - in the wake of the New Orleans Saints loss Sunday playoff loss to the Minnesota Vikings - there's a conspiracy in place to keep the Saints out of the Super Bowl - a plot that reaches to the highest levels of the National Football League.

Atoms claims that the Saints, for the second straight playoff game victims of a pass interference non-call by officials (both on and off the field), are being targeted by NFL executives in a plot that goes back to the team's "Bounty Gate" scandal.

But in responding to the Atoms idea on KEEL's Facebook page, local Saints fans just weren't buying the Saints-as-victims idea. Here are the best:

"Snake bitten yes, but this time they reached down and picked up the snake." - Fred


"If it was just one play that caused your loss, then you didn’t play well enough on all the other plays." - John


"Did their plot include terrible clock management and unforced errors?" - Jonathan

"Diehard Saints fan here & in NO WAY is this anyone’s fault but New Orleans. Never should’ve been close. Who Dat??? Its always easier to blame someone else!!!" - Trey


"Why is it every time the Saints lose a game they should have won it’s because of bad officiating? They played terribly against a team that wasn’t close to as good as them." - Greg


"Nope. We were plain outplayed. That's why we lost. They wanted it more than we did because they damn sure aren't a better team than we are. They just had more heart, will, and want than we did. Don't get me wrong I still love my Saints and always will but this one probably hurt more than the last 2 because the expectations were so high this year rightfully so." - Michael



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