It appears that following multiple MLB players busted for steroids and PED usage, Alex Rodriguez is getting the short end of the stick. Rush Limbaugh compared this case to the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

"Alex Rodriguez has decided to take a page out of the Clinton playbook to treat Bud Selig and the New York Yankees as Ken Starr," said Limbaugh.

According to the radio personality: "What Rodriguez is going to say is, 'Why me? Why'd these other guys get suspended for 50 games and you're giving me 211? Why are you singling me out? Why didn't you offer me 50?  How come you're taking away all this money from me?'"

And the possible answer?

"He's gonna say that they've gotta vendetta against him. He's gonna say that they don't like him," said Limbaugh.

The New York Yankees suspended Alex Rodriguez this week for possessing and using performance enhancing drugs, which are banned substances. A-Rod won't play the rest of the 2013 season or next year.

Twelve other professional baseball players have been suspended for 50 games each for also violating the MLB's rule that prohibits the usage of performance enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez has said he will appeal his suspension.

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