Our Student of the Year is one smart dude. While I'm sitting here writing this article, struggling to spell everything correctly, Luka Mikaberidze speaks 4 languages and is an aspiring astronaut.

Luka can, so far speak English and Georgian fluently, and is learning Chinese and French. Our Student of the Year is also looking to take his smarts outside the Earth's atmosphere and hopes to one day be an astronaut. When asked why, Luka explains, "I want to be an astronaut, because space is the ultimate and final frontier..." He continued with "We're going to the Moon soon, we're going to Mars. And in space you can do anything. You can do a lot of science research to help humanity".

Those are all pretty big dreams for the South Highlands 5th grader, but it seems he's up to the task. With so many smart students in Shreveport the competition for Student of the Year can be a little stiff. Erin McCarty asked our friend Luka why he thinks he rose above the competition. Luka says: "I think I won because of all the amazing people like my teachers, my school, my friends who helped me get this far... And I love to read which is an amazing way to make yourself travel outside of Earth and maybe to a different dimension."

One thing for sure, our Student of the year, Luka Mikaberidze is going to go far in his education, and farther (possibly space) in his future. We at KEEL will be looking forward to the big things to come from our friend Luka.

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