Natchitoches police officer Robert Barthelemy has been moved to the Caddo Correctional Center while the murder case against him proceeds in Sabine Parish.

Sabine Parish District Attorney Don Burkett tells KEEL News he plans to present the case to a grand jury in the next couple of weeks. We asked him if he plans to seek the death penalty against Barthelemy for the alleged murder of Tony Procell.

That's not a decision we have definitively made at this point. I will be meeting with the victim's family in the immediate future. The ultimate decision is mine, but I always consult with the family before I make that decision. Any case that carries a possible life sentence or possible death penalty requires a grand jury indictment. I will call the grand jury back into session in the next few days and I will seek an indictment for 1st degree murder.

Barthelemy is accused of kidnapping and killing 25-year-old Tony Procell of Many. The two men, who served in the National Guard together, apparently got into some sort of dispute over a woman.


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