Normally, it's pretty easy for someone to disrupt a live news report with a carefully-placed videobomb. But the annoying woman in this clip gets totally owned by a reporter who just isn't having it.

Jessica Sanchez of Local 6 News in Orlando was recently broadcasting live from Bourbon Street in New Orleans when a loud woman with a drink in her hand decided to crash the report.

That, it turns out, was a bad move. Sanchez, who was reporting on preparations for the Super Bowl, immediately turned the tables on the heckler and made her part of the news.

"So, how long have you had a STD?," Sanchez asked the shocked woman.

When the woman said that she doesn't have one, Sanchez responded, "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry." She went on to say they were doing a report on STDs, so why else did the woman interrupt unless she wanted to discuss her sexually transmitted disease. Ouch, that's some cold dinner.

Remind us to give Sanchez a wide berth if we ever see her on the street. She's all business and maybe even a little bit of a mean girl at heart.

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