KYTX is reporting that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified a positive test for Coronavirus in East Texas. The case is in Gregg County.

The report says the individual had been traveling around the United States, began to feel ill, and initiated a self-quarantine. The patient had a Coronavirus test done, and it returned from the CDC as a positive test.

This positive test comes hours after it was announced that a positive test came from Frisco, Texas. In that case, the patient had recently traveled to California on a business trip.

Texas has watched their case numbers rise steadily over the last few weeks. The state now has more than a dozen positive cases.

One of the biggest festivals in Texas, South by Southwest, was canceled last week do to concerns over the virus.

There have been positive tests for Coronavirus is more than half of the country, with the most recent numbers showing cases in 36 states. There have been over 700 positive tests for Coronavirus in the US.

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