The case of the tragic limo crash in upstate New York is even more complicated. The New York Times reports the owner of the limo company was an informant for the FBI and was involved in recruiting terrorists.

Limo driver

During a news conference, New York State Police Superintendent George Beach said Nauman Hussain knew that the 19-seat Ford Excursion limo had been ordered taken out of service after it failed an inspection last month and that the limousine's driver did not have the proper license to operate the vehicle. 20 people died in the crash.

Police believe Hussain should bare "sole responsibility" for the vehicle being on the road.

But the New York Times report says Hussain was previously facing federal charges, but to avoid deportation, began a secret career that led him to pose as a recruiter of terrorists.

The limo crashed on a rural highway in Schoharie after running a stop sign. The limo plowed into another car and left 20 people dead.

Fox News reports federal transportation records say Prestige Limousine was owned by Shahed Hussain and was based at a motel in Gansevoort.

Court records show that the Shahed Hussain who owns that motel gained fame in the years after the Sept. 11 attacks for infiltrating Muslim groups for the FBI.

He posed as a terrorist sympathizer in at least three investigations.

In one case, he helped convict men accused of plotting to bomb New York synagogues.


Hussain's lawyer says police "jumped the gun in charging him with any crime."

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