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KTBS-TV released a report over the weekend that says Bossier Parish Schools have the highest number of COVID-19 cases among schools across the state of Louisiana. The number comes from positive cases among both students and staff, according to numbers from the Louisiana Department of Health.

The report says 163 students in the district have tested positive, which is 0.72% (less than 1% of of the student body) of the district. Additionally, 73 staff members have tested positive. The percentage of students who have tested positive does not appear to be the biggest in the state, but the raw number of students does seem to be the highest.

Inside the KTBS report, they indicate that they reached out to Bossier Superintendent Mitch Downey, who declined the interview. But Bossier Parish Schools Public Relations Liaison Sonja Bailes did respond to their request, with this comment on hybrid learning:

"Families have the option, whether or not they want their children to learn virtually. We have never excluded that option. We have about 10 percent of our population that has chosen to remain fully virtual learners through the end of this school year"

The school district has stated that they are following all guidelines and protocols that the Louisiana Department of Health has required. They do not intend to move the district to 100% virtual learning at this point.

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