Halloween is around the corner and it's time to shake things up and make some new traditions during the time of COVID, traditions like you and some friends pitching in some money to rent a big old house!

One adventurous option you can choose from is to get away from dodge by renting an airbandb.

There are some really cool places you can rent on airbandb, but I stumbled on a jaw-dropping and unforgettable "Old West" retreat that is less than an hour away from Tyler and only an hour away from Longview! You can take up to six (6) of your friends with you to this hidden excursion in Grand Saline!

This secluded bungalow sits on a plot of land that appears to be tranquil and remote, perfect for your own private Halloween party with friends.

The Bunk House via Airbnb

This unique breathing space is called "The Bunk House". When you get to the front of the house, you will notice two fire-engine red rocking chairs on the porch. There are bench tables that allow for family-style meals and will fit all your Halloween snacks!

The antique log-house cabin feels inside the home will relax your COVID cares away. This very rustic homestead even boasts a cool boat-shaped playground for the kids and access to two ponds and a pavilion.

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