The year was 2017, we were searching for McDonald's szechuan sauce, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are holding the greatest press conferences ever, and solar eclipse fever is hitting a scary level.

But there was another craze sweeping our area was based on a board-game...Shreveportopoly.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, back in 2017, I personally had to SEARCH for this game. They were being distributed through area WalMart stores, and I was driving everywhere to find one. Eventually I did get my hands on it, but I searched for that thing like a mom during Christmas season in 1996 trying to find a Tickle Me Elmo (I mean, without fighting anyone). Now this week, I'm aimlessly walking through my neighborhood WalMart, and what do I see? I huge pile of Shreveportopoly games just sitting there.

Is the craze over? Does everyone have a copy? Why are they just sitting there?

In case you aren't sure what the game is, it's exactly what the name sounds like...a Monopoly version of Shreveport. It's complete with local attractions, businesses, and roads.


If you haven't gotten a copy yet, keep an eye out at your area WalMart. If you see one, go score it for yourself, and ruin family game night by fighting over Monopoly, Shreveport style.

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