While cresting at 38.75 feet seems high to us here in Northwest Louisiana, and it is, NWS Hydrologists predicted a crest to 41 feet.  If the Red River in the north had reached that high, it would have been a record.  The curent record, set in 2009, is 40.84.

Check out these absolutely unbelievable photos. 

Officials say floodwaters near two small towns north of Fargo, North Dakota are starting to recede, but emergency crews are prepared to respond to calls for evacuations.

The north-flowing Red River crested in Fargo over the weekend at 38.75 feet, the fourth-highest flood on record. Officials say the levees are holding in the city.

Authorities say they're seeing unprecedented flooding in Cass County, where Fargo is located.  There were two separate rescue operations Sunday near Argusville, north of Fargo.

Cass County engineer Keith Berndt says water was "dropping a bit" in Argusville and nearby Harwood, but warns that flood levels will remain high for several days.